At the implementation stage, you may find yourself in one of these scenarios:

  • You the homeowner can proceed with the implementation of the plan without any further assistance.
  • You can implement portions of the plan over a period of time.
  • You can hire my service to guide you through the installation of each phase of the project.
  • You can purchase the plants from us, and I will place them in their appropriate locations on the property and you can install them.
  • You can hire me to install and manage the entire project.

Note that we offer partial or complete project management options:

  • Oversee construction
  • Inspection construction

Call the office or see the fee structure section of this website to get more information about fees for the above services.


  • Good designs are not as expensive as redoing your property.
  • Everybody pays for plans whether it is the front end or the back end hidden within installation fees.
  • Residential color renderings perspectives and isometrics are presentation skills, not design and creative skills. You need detailed implementation plans that you can build and bid from.
  • Contractors are Contractors – they just want to build what they are selling. The same is true for “pool guys,” “deck guys,” “pond guys” and “wall and patio guys”. Any of these elements installed by contractors individually without a cohesive plan can potentially hinder other usable aspects of your desired spaces. These elements should be designed together allowing your property’s spaces and textures to merge together as one entity. The flow of the entire property is critical to its success. It is important to take advantage of each usable area’s strengths while tying the strengths of other usable areas and textures together. Remember you’re going to live there and your total environment should merge together as one to satisfy the needs of your lifestyle.

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