One-Day Design Process

Step 1… Arrive at your house in the morning
Step 2… Introduce ourselves, have a cup of coffee, talk about a few current topics while setting up at your kitchen table.
Step 3… Confirm the scope of design work based on our earlier phone conversations.
Step 4… Proceed with the analysis. We talk about your likes, wants, family activities, lifestyle and entertainment needs.
Step 5… We then proceed walking your property discussing the condusiveness of your wants & needs as it relates to topography and site conditions, reviewing additional options, opportunities and budget.
Step 6… We come back into the house and I begin creating multiple design concepts at the kitchen table.

Step 7… After hour or so I will call you back into the kitchen for the first concept presentation.
Step 8… If necessary, we walk the property with design in hand, reviewing concepts.
Step 9… Lunch break

Step 10… After lunch we make all hardscape concept adjustments.
Step 11… I begin the planting design concept.
Step 12… An hour or so later, I present the plan to you.

Step 13… Once the design day is complete, you write a check for payment in full.
Step 14… 1-2 weeks later you receive your plans via mail, or you can pick them up at my office.
Step 15… You are happy clients and are ready to get started building your outdoor dream spaces.

All designs are completed
in one day
at your kitchen table!

  • With you
  • Your Personality
  • Your property

& Paul Levine's abilities in one location!

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